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  • Lacrystal Parker

Brace Yourself: Beyoncé Is Launching a Hair-Care Line

May 16, 2023

picture with Instagram

In an age of ever-expanding celebrity licensing rights, you have to admire Beyoncé’s restraint. Though among the most powerful and influential people on the planet, she’s never been one to slap her name on any ole product just to wring a few extra bucks out of the Beyhive. No, if fans know one thing, it’s that Beyoncé moves with intention and purpose — if she endorses it, it’s virtually guaranteed to be the real deal. That’s why just-announced news of Beyoncé’s hair care line was immediately met with so much excitement and fervor. At almost any point in her 25-year career, she could have launched a beauty brand. By waiting for the perfect moment to drop it, it’s clear she’s been working on this empire-bolstering move for quite some time — and the products are bound to stun.

In her classic cryptic fashion, Beyoncé shared the news with a series of photos on Instagram. Just after shots of her and Blue Ivy sitting in the salon chairs, she caps the carousel off with a hand-written note. “How many of y’all knew my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon?” she teases in the first lines. “I saw firsthand how the ways we celebrate and nurture our hair can directly impact our souls. Having learned so much on my hair journey, I’ve always dreamed of carrying on her legacy. I can’t wait for you to experience what I’ve been creating.

In the photo of Beyoncé, with her natural curls in their full glory, you can spot a menagerie of top-secret products scattered across her dressing table. Potentially products in her line, they’re all in tester bottles with temporary labels to keep eagle-eyed fans guessing for just a while longer. Of course, all of this news comes amid the first few dates on her Renaissance World Tour — for which she actually just got a fresh set of custom “sunwash blonde” highlights courtesy of celebrity colorist Rita Hazan.

So what happens when you combine a legendary superstar with actually effectual beauty products and a sweet background story dedicated to her equally-beloved mother? Beyoncé can just go ahead and add one more zero to her bank balance ledger — another billion’s on lock.

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