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  • Lacrystal Parker

Keke Palmer Says She's Accepted That Her Diet Is 'Not Always Going to be Perfect'

Keke Palmer has realized that navigating her health condition doesn't mean sacrificing her favorite foods.

Over the past few years, the 28-year-old actress and singer has been vocal about her challenges with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, which causes adult acne and other symptoms for the star. While she is mindful of what she eats and how that affects her health, the Alice actress is honest about how unpredictable her body is.

"Sometimes my skin is in a really good place when I'm being just so perfect about everything that I'm eating but then other times it's not," Palmer tells PEOPLE.

At the time of her diagnosis in December 2020, the Hustlers star shared a series of bare-faced selfies on Instagram showing her acne, which drew supportive comments from her followers.

"Some people can keep their makeup on for 10 damn days or eat whatever they want and not [have] one little pimple," she says. "That's just not my life. And I think the more it's normalized that that's okay and that it's not a big deal, the better we are."

"I want to eat and do certain things so I think it's just about balancing, knowing at the end of the day, it's not always going to be perfect. Yes, you could live your life very strict about every single little thing or you can just know that sometimes it's going to be up, sometimes it's going to be down," Palmer continues. "So I think I found my place somewhere in the middle."

Part of her dietary balance means that Palmer still cooks and eats all of her favorite foods. "I love to cook breakfast food — breakfast potatoes, pancakes, eggs, bacon, all of that good stuff. I also like to make pasta and homemade pizzas," she says.

One of her favorite things to cook is tacos. "I do love making tacos, I even have had some fun making meatless tacos. I made tacos with mushrooms and with the right seasoning, honey you get right in there. It tastes like the real thing, just perfect. The love for tacos runs deep," says Palmer, who will help judge McCormick's "America's Got Tacos" campaign, a nationwide search for a taco seasoning-theme song.

From now through Aug. 31, taco lovers can submit a video of their original jingle online. Then the celeb and a panel of judges will select the winning theme song and who will receive $50,000 (plus a year's supply of McCormick original taco seasoning).

When asked what she is looking for in the taco-themed songs Palmer explained that in addition to the official rules, "I want creativity. I don't care if it's rap. I don't care if it's a country song. I don't care if it's a power ballad. I'm looking for somebody that's bringing some unique qualities to the table and making something that shows off their personality."

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