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  • Lacrystal Parker

Ms. LA Black USA inspires women to go go after their dreams as she leads as queen.

...and Courtney P has always sought the spotlight. She knew, when she played Mama Bear in her kindergarten graduation play, that the tingle she felt was the bug.

Twice bitten and never shy, her love for entertaining eventually meshed with her love to educate and the two became her mission to Edutain (educate + entertain). Courtney P started her radio broadcast journey as co-host of The Front Porch at WBOK 1230AM, and continues now as Traffic Reporter for WWL Radio.

Courtney P offers her creative commentary via a variety of services that will surely enliven any event. Whether it's hosting, speaking, or commentating, booking Courtney is the best thing you'll do for your event and you are sure to get many compliments for the choice.

Courtney P is also Ms Black Louisiana USA 2023.

The future for Courtney P is as bright as any star. Courtney is destined to be the go-to on-air/live event personality in the Gulf South Region. Her famous motto is "Life's a journey, not a destination. So, take the scenic route!"

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