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How It Got Started

How The Glow Up Network Became the Internet’s Digital Bestie 

The Glow Up Network is a welcoming space where women go to talk about themselves shamelessly. Here, we share, confess, encourage, and celebrate one another. As the internet’s digital bestie, we embrace the diversity of today’s young woman, allowing her to be perfectly flawed and fabulous.  

Established in 2020, The Glow Up Network keeps our viewers updated with the latest news on lifestyle, fashion and entertainment through our blog, bi-monthly magazine, weekly podcast. Beyond this, we strive to be a community built on empowerment through the art of storytelling. We see you girl! We want to see you go after your dreams and goals in a big way, and that all starts with building more confidence and self-esteem. It’s time to fall in love with yourself, and your ambitions. So bestie, pull up a chair, and have a seat at the table at the Glow Up Network. We welcome you in!

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