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This past Sunday, I attended the screening of the Back on the strip Movie and the film truly has all the hallmarks to being the funniest film of the summer without a boring moment!

Written by Eric Daniel and Chris Spencer, this comedic film has plenty of moments where you laugh your socks off! Stand-up comedians Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart, with the lead role played by All American‘s Spence Moore II. The movie also stars veteran Wesley Snipes, alongside Faizon Love and JB Smoove.

Back on the Strip was shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada, ‘The Strip’ refers to a 4.2-mile-long section of Las Vegas Boulevard, in Clark County Nevada. This was where the Chocolate Chips once dominated the scene 25 years ago, and the ladies loved them! This area of Las Vegas is also known for its high density of attractions, hotels, restaurants, resorts, and, most famously, casinos, quickly becoming known as the casino capital of the world. Who doesn't love Vegas!

Tiffany Haddish, plays Merlin's (Spence Moore II) mom! After losing the woman that he thought was the one, Merlin (Spence Moore II) packs up his life and moves to Las Vegas. His dream is to become a famous magician, entertaining the masses.

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Thus, Luther persuades Merlin to become the frontman of his crew, The Chocolate Chips. The only issue is that The Chocolate Chips, including the leader Luther himself, are past their prime, out of practice, and out of shape.

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New school and old school comes together to help each other!

Merlin comes in and helps The Chocolate Chips get their mojo back, and put their conflicts aside and The Chocolate Chips help to boost Merlin’s confidence so he can win his girl back! Its a must see and the dancing is hilarious! In theaters August 18th! Make sure you get your tickets and check it out!

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