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  • Lacrystal Parker

C-LIM host 10th Annual GRRRD AWARDS

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

By LaCrystal Parker

photo credit The official Professional Pop Locker John-Pierre Brouard, Founder C-Lim, and Host, comedian, actor Slink Johnson

I had the honor of attending and covering the 11th Annual "GRRRD AWARDS." I was in for a treat this past weekend! Personally, It was the best awards ceremony that I have attended this year! What I believe made the awards ceremony so special was that everyone could express their own creativity, talent, and passion! The name “GRRRD Awards” is also known as the “underground Grammys”. The Founder, visionary and entrepreneur himself, C-Lim, Created of the GRRRD AWARDS, with the vision of honoring and recognizing, accomplished, skilled, and distinct artists, comedians, athletes, and businesses from the Urban business sector. With a unique flair, The award ceremony is held on a luxury yacht in Newport Beach, California every year.

I have never been to an awards ceremony where they start POPLOCKING but it was awesome! Professional POPLOCKER, John-Pierre Brouard, just broke it down after receiving his award.

Celebrity Chief, Charles Rachal AKA Q Bone, expressed to me in the interview how his grandmother had taught him how to cook! The GRRRD AWARDS was very special to him because African Americans and others were not waiting for, The Grammys, or Oscars to Honor people in the industry but picked up the torch and ran with it, Such as The GRRRD AWARDS.

I also got the honor to interview American actor, writer, director, and producer, Jahmar Hill.

In the interview, he expressed his humble beginnings of moving to LA and staying committed to his dream of writing and directing films until he saw his vision come to pass. Jahmar also received a Grrrd award for best Director for his film, Sisters Movie on BET. Jahmar Hill and the other Nominees are a prime example of if you work hard and stay focused on your goals and dreams they will come to pass! Congratulations to all the participants. For more information on the GRRRD AWARDS log onto instagram @theofficialgrrrdawards

photo credit dstar photo

For More Information about the Grrrd Awards visit Home | Grrrd Awards

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