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India Arie slammed for ‘judging’ Megan Thee Stallion and Janelle Monae’s sexy performances

Courtesy of Metro #meganthestallion

India Arie has caught heat after judging the sexualised stage antics from the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Janelle Monae.

Megan Thee Stallion’s fans rushed to her defence (Picture: Getty Images)

Savage rapper Megan and I Like That singer Janelle were among the performers who hit the stage at this year’s Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisana last weekend.

In a highlights clip shared on the publication’s Instagram page, Megan, 28, was seen hosting a twerking bootcamp on-stage while Janelle, 36, assisted the rapper.

It was a Hot Girl Bootcamp when Megan graced the stage (Picture: Getty Images)

During the weekend, Janelle also caused a stir after exposing her breast mid-performance.

However, the twerking antics apparently proved to be too much for neo-soul singer India, who seemed to criticise the stars’ sexualised performances.

Commenting under the highlights video, the I Am Not My Hair singer, 47, wrote: ‘The issue is what is CONTEXT. Humanity does EVERYTHING. But does EVERYTHING BELONG IN A STAGE. No.

‘Is everything for KIDS? No. is everything for EVERY BODY? NO. so when we as a culture make something like this main stream … it shows a lack of discretion [and] discernment [sic].’

She continued: ‘To those in the comments who laugh at anyone who wants these things for [our] culture you certainly have that right.

‘Just as many folks have the right to want our MAINSTREAM International export – [our] Music – to show us in a respectful light. Id like to go on the record saying : this wont age well and thats my issue [sic].’

India did make it clear that she was a fan of Megan and Janelle, adding: ‘I LOVE Janelle AND Meg the way i love us all AND i dont like this moment. Dont bother debating me lol idc and I DO this. for 25 yrs i’ve done THIS. so. read ponder or dont [sic].’

Followers were quick to accuse India of shaming the younger artists, with one pointing out: ‘India Arie made a song that literally said not to judge women, regardless of what they wear and do, but she goes on ahead and does the complete opposite. LMAO!’

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