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  • Lacrystal Parker

Introducing Infuse, A Skincare Line infused with Yerba Mate for Mature Skin

Infuse, a newly launched skincare line infused with yerba mate catered to mature skin, proudly announces its arrival on the market.

photo credit: courtesy of infuse

The journey etched on mature skin, adorned with years of laughter, tears, and memories, tells a unique story of wisdom and beauty earned over time.

Age is no impediment to feeling confident in one's skin. With a dedicated focus on mature skin, Infuse offers tailored products that uphold both quality and efficacy to ensure a rewarding skincare experience.

At the heart of Infuse's potent formulations lies the cherished active ingredient: yerba

photo credit: courtesy of infuse

mate. Traditional cultures in South America have treasured yerba mate for its therapeutic properties. Yerba mate boasts an array of benefits, such as rich antioxidants, natural stimulating properties, and anti-inflammatory elements.

The mission of Infuse extends beyond skincare – it's about fostering self-assurance at every age and stage of life. As CEO Lara Schmoisman states, "We want people to embrace the skin they are in at every age."

Infuse products can be purchased on and Amazon. For those interested in exploring the potential inclusion of Infuse Yerba Mate Radiance Eye Cream in their story or gift guides, the team welcomes product coordination.

Click on picture to order

Yerba Mate Radiance Eye Cream

$68.00 USD

Yerba mate is more than just a morning caffeine fix. It's a natural source of antioxidants and helps reduce signs of aging, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts circulation in the delicate skin around your eyes to minimize dark circles and puffiness.

For further inquiries or to experience the transformational power of Infuse, please visit the website or contact the team directly.

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