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  • Lacrystal Parker

Kim Mulkey Style WWD Report Card

Breaking down the feathers, sequins and pink beloved by the LSU basketball coach.

Mulkey at the LSU vs Virginia Tech game on March 31.TOM PENNINGTON/GETTY IMAGES

Mulkey at the LSU vs Georgia game on March 3.EAKIN HOWARD/GETTY IMAGES

The claws are out. Between the blond bob, the baby pink lip gloss and the leopard print, we’re getting a lot of June George in “Mean Girls.” What’s not to love about a leopard print pajama look?

Mulkey at the Tennessee vs LSU game on March 4.EAKIN HOWARD/GETTY IMAGES

A pink leather biker? Of course. This classic Pink Lady throwback works well with her overachieving-neighbor vibe. The pointy stilettos are the perfect finishing touch.

Mulkey at the LSU vs Utah game, March 24.KEVIN C. COX/GETTY IMAGES

The confidence it takes to pull this off is an instant slam dunk (sorry). We are pro legendary Muppet fashion, so she had us at hello. The coordinating pink pump makes this celestial. No notes.

Mulkey at the LSU vs Miami game on March 26.MADDIE MEYER/GETTY IMAGES

Drawing inspirations from American quilt designs, this sharply tailored patchwork double blazer fits her like a glove. Her bell-bottom fitted white jeans and silver stilettos continue her groovy journey. Compared to the rest, it’s boring. She has spoiled us.

Mulkey at the LSU vs Virginia Tech game on March 31. TOM PENNINGTON/GETTY IMAGES

This perfect Acapulco-loving ensemble shows once again that Mulkey knows no fear — it’s perfect from courtside to tropical dance floor

Mulkey at the LSU vs Iowa game on April 2.TOM PENNINGTON/GETTY IMAGES

This metallic zebra sequined ensemble is very Studio 54 meets “A Night at the Roxbury,” and solidifies her as a style icon in her own galaxy. Kim, if you’re listening, could you please invite us over for a tour of your closet? We’re desperate for more.

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