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Nike And Megan Thee Stallion Release “Hot Girl Systems” Collection

Story by Ruhama Wolle

Megan the Stallion sits down with Glamor Magazine to talk about her new Nike Collaboration with Nike

Megan Thee Stallion and Nike Heat Up the Movement with Hot Girl Systems© Provided by Glamour

Megan Thee Stallion and her “Hot Girl Summer” mantra revolutionized social media with its message of carefree confidence, and now Meg is inviting her fanbase, the Hotties, to embody that same spirit with her Hot Girl Systems x Nike collaboration.

Since teaming up with the sportswear brand in 2021 for workout sessions, it was only a matter of time before the two reunited for Megan's very own apparel and footwear line: Hot Girl Systems, and it's finally here. This collaboration not only underscores Nike's dedication to women in sports but also aligns with Megan's message of striving to be the best version of yourself. Megan, a Houston native, doesn't just perform; her stage presence is a dynamic display of athletic prowess, infused with non-stop energy. She seamlessly blends dance and rap into a powerful expression of athleticism, demonstrating her competitive spirit on every stage as if it's her arena.

So, what's in the Hot Girl Systems lineup? Imagine bold Nike Pro shorts, sports bras exuding confidence, and a bomber jacket featuring removable straps and sleeves for those unafraid to stand out. And let's not overlook the Y2K-inspired graphics and Megan's signature hottie flames—it's all about igniting that fire. The collection ranges from $40 to $200, offering inclusive sizes from XS to 4X. Additionally, the NBY Air Max 97 allows Hotties to customize and co-create their own pair of the iconic Air Max 97, with details and finishes hand-selected by Megan. Hot Girl Systems isn't solely about clothing; it mirrors Megan's fearless spirit and adaptability, evident throughout every aspect of the collection.

But it doesn't stop there. The 2021 Glamour Woman of the Year isn't just a face for Nike; she's a driving force behind the movement. As a Hottie Coach for Nike Training Club (NTC), she's leading by example, redefining fitness on her own terms and inviting others to join her journey. With two dynamic workouts beginning in March—Hottie Lower Body and Hottie Core—Megan is proving that fitness is for everyone, regardless of shape or size.

And the excitement doesn't end there. The Hot Girl Systems apparel collection is set to drop on Megan's website on February 15th, coinciding with her birthday—a fitting celebration. Then, on February 20th, the collection will hit, accompanied by the release of Nike By You Air Max 97's.

Glamour chatted with Megan to learn more on the inspriation behind the collection and her mission to inspire her fanbase, the Hotties, to embrace their indivuality with confidence.

Glamour: What inspired you to partner with Nike on this collection?

Megan Thee Stallion: The Hot Girl Systems collection with Nike has been a long time in the making. We’ve been working on it for a couple years and we wanted to create a collection that was stylish and comfortable for the Hotties. I added a lot of personal touches that reflect my personal interests so I'm so proud of how it all came together.

What does having a campaign dedicated to empowering "Hotties" to achieve a "Hottie State of Mind" mean to you?

We want to empower them to define fitness and health on their own terms, while feeling sexy, confident, and stylish. It’s incredible – sometimes, I still can’t believe this is my real life! I’m so grateful to Nike for believing in me and my vision. Together, we've created something truly special for the Hotties.

What challenges do you believe women still encounter in the sports and fitness industries, and how might collaborations like this help address them?

I think the biggest challenge for today’s generation – for women and men – is that people work out with the goal of trying to look like someone else on social media. The goal should always be to do it for yourself and to invest in your own physical and mental health.

It’s the best form of self-love, especially since we all have different body types. That’s why Nike and I worked to make this collection as inclusive and accessible to everyone with flexible sizing options, so no one felt left out. I hope that our partnership will inspire people to continue to show up for themselves wherever they’re at in their fitness journey.

How do you see the Nike x Hot Girl Systems collection contributing to the broader conversation around body positivity/self-love?

We were very thoughtful with the design and aimed to ensure that the collection is comfortable for all the Hotties, regardless of body type. Ultimately, whether you're wearing the collection to the gym or simply for leisure, the goal is for people to express themselves through style and feel good when they see themselves in the mirror.

What role do you think music plays in motivating people during workouts, and did it influence the collection's design in any way?

I think everyone’s approach to fitness is different, but I can personally say that I love listening to music during my workouts. You can usually catch me playing some Young Dolph or Key Glock while I’m at the gym to keep my energy high. Sometimes, I listen to my music too.

My music and my personas also inspired some ideas for the Nike collection, especially with the NBY Air Max 97 sneakers and the customization options. There’s definitely a hint of Tina Snow for the Hotties!

Can you discuss the significance of the "Hot Girl" movement and its impact on your career and your journey?

Being a Hot Girl is all about being unapologetically yourself, having fun and exuding confidence, so it’s an empowering message that all women can relate to. At the end of the day, I live by that. It’s part of my identity and I just want to keep sharing that message of positivity with all the Hotties around the world.

Megan Thee Stallion and Nike Heat Up the Movement with Hot Girl Systems© Provided by Glamour

Megan Thee Stallion and Nike Heat Up the Movement with Hot Girl Systems© Provided by Glamour

Megan Thee Stallion and Nike Heat Up the Movement with Hot Girl Systems© Provided by Glamour

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