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Rihanna youngest self-made billionaire in US

see original article According to Forbes’ 2022 list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women,” the 34-year-old singer Rihanna is now the youngest self-made female billionaire in the country. Rihanna’s net worth of $1.4 billion placed the Grammy Award winner at No. 21 on the coveted list.

Rihanna graced the annual list before when she ranked 33rd with a net worth of $600 million in 2020.

Kylie Jenner previously held this spot in 2019, according to Forbes. Then-21-years-old, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO signed a distribution deal with beauty retailer Ulta that saw her estimated net worth reach $900 million and seemingly made her a billionaire, according to E News.

Forbes ultimately stripped Jenner of that title in May 2020, however, after claiming she forged tax documents in order to reach it.

While Rihanna remains most famous for being a multiplatinum recording artist, her vast fortune is primarily rooted in cosmetics.

The Fenty Beauty CEO and Fenty Skin co-owner also has a 30 percent stake in her Savage x Fenty lingerie line, according to CNBC. Bloomberg reported in March 2022 that the lingerie company was working on an IPO that could see it valued at $3 billion.

“My money is not for me; it’s always the thought that I can help someone else,” Rihanna told The New York Times’ T Magazine in 2019.

“The world can really make you believe that the wrong things are priority, and it makes you really miss the core of life, what it means to be alive.”

While Jenner now ranks at No. 41 with $600 million and remains the youngest person on the list at 24, Rihanna is the only female billionaire under the age of 40 to currently grace it. She’s also the first billionaire from her native Barbados, where she dreamt about becoming a star.

Fortunately for her fans, new music is on the way.

“I’m looking at my next project completely differently from the way I had wanted to put it out before,” she told Vogue earlier this year. “I think this way suits me better, a lot better. It’s authentic, it’ll be fun for me, and it takes a lot of the pressure off.” Rihanna’s latest achievement came mere weeks after giving birth to a baby boy.

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