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  • Lacrystal Parker

Ruth Carter for Critics Choice Awards 2023

Congratulation to Ruth E. Carter for winning Critics Choice awards for Wakanda Forever, costume design. Ruth E. Carter made history with Black Panther. The celebrated costume designer helped bring the nation of Wakanda to life in 2018, blending superhero spectacle with real-life African tradition. Her innovative, Afrofuturist vision nabbed her the Oscar for Best Costume Design in 2019, making her the first Black artist ever to win the category.

When it came time to return to Wakanda for the sequel, Carter could've easily relied on the familiar. Instead, the 62-year-old designer expanded the lavish world she created in the first film, crafting a rich visual feast that feels both familiar and fresh. Much of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever centers on the titular African nation, but it also introduces an entirely new culture: the Mesoamerican-inspired underwater kingdom of Talokan. The result is a superhero story that looks — and dresses — unlike anything else on screen

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