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  • Lacrystal Parker

'The Little Mermaid': Melissa McCarthy Unveils First Look at Ursula

Story by Jeremy Fuster

melissa-mccarthy© Provided by TheWrap

Much of the focus on Disney's promotion of their upcoming "Little Mermaid" remake is based around Halle Bailey's take on Ariel. But the studio's CinemaCon presentation of the film was dedicated to Ursula, as Melissa McCarthy stopped by in Las Vegas to unveil her performance as the dreaded Sea Witch.

"Ursula is just kind of everything. She's dishy, she's a conniving broad. Maybe that's why I can relate," McCarthy joked.

And what better way to introduce McCarthy's Ursula than to show off her famous villain song? The remake shows off McCarthy swimming among shadows and blazing hot vents as she belts out "Poor Unfortunate Souls," Ursula's anthem of temptation to trick Ariel into a deal to give up her mermaid body and her voice to become a human for three days and win the heart of Prince Eric.

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