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The Real Cast Bids Farewell to Show in Emotional Series Finale Sneak Peek: 'We Have Made Our Mark'

The Real/Instagram

Dory Jackson

The ladies of The Real aren't ready to say goodbye.

Co-hosts Adrienne Bailon Houghton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Garcelle Beauvais reflected on the historic show's legacy in Entertainment Weekly's sneak peek of the series finale, which airs on Friday.

Kicking things off, Bailon Houghton, 38, said: "We have made our mark."

"I was talking to my mom earlier this morning. She knows this is the farewell show, and she was just telling me, 'You guys really did break the mold of daytime television,'" she continued. "And it's so crazy when you think of it that way. There was never a show that looked like us."

Chiming in virtually, Love mentioned how the "purpose" of the series was to "put on people that normally wouldn't get on" a daytime television program.

"We were able to talk about things that some people, they just ignore. When you look back at eight seasons, over 1,300 episodes, it's phenomenal and it's historic," Love, 50, said. "This is actually a celebration. And we hope that our example, with what we've done, can continue."

Love added, "Don't let this end. Get another show like this together with fabulous women, because we have a whole future of things that we still have to fight for with justice and equality. We can't be afraid to talk about this."

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