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Keke Palmer Spent Her 30th With Her Ex And People Had Thoughts After That Usher Video

The duo share a 6-month-old baby boy, Leodis "Leo" Andrellton Jackson

Courtesy of BET

To mark her milestone birthday on Saturday (August 26), the actor and singer celebrated her 30th birthday alongside Darius Jackson. He highlighted the good times during an outing on Instagram Live video, as reported by PEOPLE.

"D, know you've been taking me out on my birthday as always. I mean, it's not always my birthday, but you always do take me out," Palmer said to Jackson as they sat at a table. "But I just thank you for making it special for my birthday; that's so sweet."

“I took you out for your birthday, on your birthday, and that’s why we’re out here on your birthday and having drinks on your birthday,” Jackson replied.

"I love that you're starting to get it," Palmer said. Afterward, she asked him about his thoughts about Virgos, her zodiac sign.

"Virgos don't believe the hype; they are one of the biggest spokesperson for themselves," he voiced. "Don't believe the hype — but you are really into the Virgos, though, so what are you talking about," Palmer replied.

Jackson said his mom, brother, and other family members share the same sign, and "My partner in crime is a Virgo," as he gestured toward Palmer.

"You're obsessed with Virgos, so that's ok. It is what it is," Palmer added as she pouted at the camera. "Get into the Virgos and admit that Virgos are the one. It's already too late; your Virgo already has you hooked," she replied to Jackson.

Jackson also gave Palmer a sweet tribute on Twitter in honor of her milestone birthday. “Happy Birthday to a one of a kind being. Hoping your 30s brings you many joys & triumphs!” he tweeted.

The sweet words were also accompanied by an adorable video of mom and their baby boy, Leodis "Leo" Andrellton Jackson.

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