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Zendaya! Kim! See the Stars Who Attended Pharrell Williams’ Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

The stars came out and dressed to the nines at the Louis Vuitton Spring/ Summer 2024 fashion show on Tuesday, June 20. A-listers like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya and Rihanna attended the elite Paris function in support of Pharrell Williams’ debut collection after being appointed the brand’s new menswear creative director.


Bey wore her signature burnt yellow color and mini Louis Vuitton handbag while her hubby wore a classic black suit.

Prior to the event, the “Happy” artist gave fans a sneak peek into the design studio while giving praise to Louis Vuitton’s former creative director Virgil Abloh, who died in 2021, sharing that he “collaborated” with the late designer “in spirit.”


The ​Euphoria star was on top of the world and TBH we would be too if we were ​sat front row next to BEYONCÉ! Unsurprisingly, Zendaya was the best dressed of the night.

“The way that I feel right now, I don’t have any nerves at all. I think that’s because my spirit is so electrified with excitement, I don’t have the room for nerves,” he told Vogue hours before the show. “I also know I have the most amazing scaffolding of having the greatest master artisans to work with in every department and category. Like, they’re all the greatest.”


The A-list couple made a slight wardrobe change while en route to the afterparty. Rihanna tied her jacket around her waist, exposing her growing tummy with baby No. 2 while the rapper switched outfits and wore his signature preppy look.

Not only was the Louis Vuitton Spring/ Summer 2024 fashion show live streamed for fans to experience at home, but attendees also posted a plethora of videos online of BTS moments before the show.


The man of the night rocked a pixilated set, which was the theme of the collection.

Beyond the fashion, people were giddy to see Zendaya and ​Beyoncé not only interact but sit next to each other in the front row during the lavish presentation, as seen in a TikTok video.

“Zendaya ADORES Beyoncé!!! I am screaming instead of her,” one fan commented, while a second person wrote, “The fact that [Zendaya] went from a super fan as a kid to probably having her number and going to all the parties.”


The supermodel donned a classic Louis Vuitton skirt and oversized jacket set with matching knee-high boots and handbag. She even added purple streaks in her hair for extra pizazz!

In other videos posted online, Queen Bey was jamming to the music in her seat throughout the show while Rihanna, who starred in the campaign, and A$AP Rocky wore denim Louis Vuitton sets.

Pharrell received a standing ovation after the jaw-dropping show and embraced wife Helen Lasichanh, son Rocket Ayer Williams and triplets on the runway. Not only did the music mogul share a special moment with his family, but his Louis Vuitton team too.

Kim Kardashians

The Kardashians star also wore a set from the collection and finished the ensemble with a fur coat and fanny pack.

At the end of the show, Pharrell brought out the entire design team to walk on the runway and receive the utmost praise from the attendees. A video of the impactful moment was shared via TikTok, and fans loved seeing the behind-the-scenes workers get recognition for their masterful work.


The multi-talented entertainer, who sat next to Kim, stood out in his white outfit and vibrant hair and makeup.

“This show you really could just feel the love and sense of community! Truly kudos!” an online user wrote in the comment section of the clip.

A second person gushed, “OK this is so heartwarming the way he appreciates his team so much and introduce them to the world.”

After the party was the after party and celebs fangirled over Jay-Z and Pharrell’s post-show performance where they rapped their hits “Fontin’” and “Beware.”

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